Muse originally refers to the goddesses in Greek and Roman mythology, it also represents source of inspiration for art, while Musesonly implies that everyone is so unique that each of us can be the muse — the one and the only one.


In Musesonly, we appreciate and respect every unique individual, and wish to inspire the inner force for each of you.

We create the brand and its high quality products to support you to be



and Inspired.

We create the brand and its high quality products with the hope to encourage our muses to enjoy every active moment in their lives — no matter sports, yoga, indoor leisure time or outdoor activities, Musesonly can bring free and comfy wearing experience at all time.

With the premium fabric and styling, combing technology and practicality, we have been trying to make our products the best ideal activewear in diverse living scenarios for you, and with you.

We believe that, when your body is relaxed , your mind can be more free.

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