Yoga for Heart

Yoga For Heart

Yoga for Heart


Yoga for Heart


Yoga for Heart

The first 6.21 International Yoga Day (abbr. as Yoga Day) was held in 2015. Now it comes to the 5th and this year the theme of the day is —Yoga for heart.

Yoga is a kind of exercise that needs to endure loneliness. It is a dialogue-style training process between the practitioners’ body and mind. When you devote yourself to every single time yoga practice, you will find a lot of insights. Yoga is not only a gift for good health and keep fit, but also a gift for the heart.

Musesonly legging, tank

‘Centering’ is a guide word often mentioned before the start of the yoga practice.

Maybe after a busy day, some things make you unhappy, and some things bring you happy with. Put on comfy and chic Musesonly yogawear and please leave all the sentiment outside your mind.

You are here, sitting in a stable and comfortable way, away from all the chaotic noise. No need to rush, No need to worry, let everything go.

Gently close your eyes, check your body and the surroundings, feel your space and your existence, and live at this moment.

Observe and feel your breath, calm down, let go of the past and the future, don't get entangled, don't expect.

Before we arrived at this moment, each one of us experienced many endless journeys paved by time trajectories.

Reach the limit and then let it go. Then surrender, and fully accept what you can achieve. The limit here generally refers to the extent of stretching, twisting, bending and stretching in yoga posture. This level usually means that the trainee has moved beyond their comfort zone, but it will not cause pain and injury.


Do your best, but also know when to give up and accept what you can achieve, because this is what you can do now. Rely on your own feelings and judgments, life is your own, follow your heart.


Practice self-cultivation and tolerance, and everyone can find their existence with heart in yoga.


Feeling is Living.




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