Musesonly - - Light Fashion & New Feeling

Musesonly consists of two words muses and only, among which “Muses” is the general name of the goddess of art and science in Greek mythology and “Only” means the only and best. As the founder of this brand, Michael believes that everyone has a unique goddess in his heart. Musesonly not only advocates an attitude combining self-confidence and freedom with comfort and fashion but also pursue a lifestyle full of creativity and inspiration, integrating technology and art. Musesonly tends to subvert traditional concepts with the power of science and technology, expand the boundaries of fashion with the inspiration of art, make clothing break through the boundaries of various life scenes so as to satisfy a variety of requirements and adapt to a variety of occasions, with a stronger sense of practicality and fashion. In style design, Musesonly meets various daily needs of customers, breaks the clothing boundaries of different occasions, makes the style distinct and the taste diversified, The objective it to meet the requirements of different occasions such as sports, parties, holidays and so on with just one Musesonly, showing a unique fashion, self-confidence and charm at any time.

Our vision: Redefine comfort with technology!

The design concept of Musesonly is closely related to the founder Michael's growth environment and experience.

Michael was born in a happy family of five. As the only boy in the family, he grew up happily in the care of his family. Since he got married, his wife has been getting along well with her sisters-in-law and they will have family party every week. In order to relieve the pressure, they like to do yoga together after the party, and sometimes they share their own yoga clothes with each other. Although Michael is an IT network security expert as, he showed great interest due to his detail control ability.

He sincerely admired these ladies for their enthusiasm in life and the courage to fight for their career. Therefore, he wanted to do something for them. Afterwards on a festival, Michael asked friends to customize clothes as gifts for the ladies at home, and won unanimously praise. After that, Michael kept on studying sportswear unremittingly with his preciseness and concentration for three years. As two unrelated areas, IT and clothing have undergone a wonderful chemical reaction on Michael: the birth of Musesonly, a female sportswear brand.

Michael considers fashion to be a life attitude of returning to real self, which is simple and realistic, comfortable and free. We should feel life with our heart every moment.

Hey, Muses!